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Week-end des Pars et Jardins de Wallonie 2017 - 10 et 11 juin
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Unique heritage

To draw up the list of unique heritage sites, the Commission Royale des Monuments et des Sites et Fouilles (royal commission for monuments, sites and archaeological remains) defined the following criteria:

The property :

  • Must represent a unique artistic achievement reflecting man's creative spirit;
  • Must have exercised considerable influence, for a given period or in a defined cultural sphere, on the development of architecture, monumental arts or in the design and use of space
  • Must bear exceptional witness to a civilisation or socio-economic organisation now disappeared;
  • Must offer a prime example of traditional human housing representing a culture and now vulnerable under the impact of irreversible changes;
  • Must be directly and materially associated with events, ideas or beliefs that have exceptional regional significance.

In addition, each property must fulfil authenticity criteria in respect of design, materials, execution or environment. Reconstructions are acceptable only under exceptional circumstances and in accordance with strict conditions.

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