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Week-end des Pars et Jardins de Wallonie 2017 - 10 et 11 juin
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The gardens on an MP3 player

A minor revolution in the world of tourism, our audio guides are completely free and may be downloaded from a computer like a music file on to your MP3 player. Once the data is transferred to your mobile or MP3 player, you are ready for an incredible journey through these exceptional parks and gardens in Wallonia.

For children

The gardens on an MP3 player / audio guides
Why not try our MP3 players designed specially for children - a unique way to visit the gardens!

A truly personal guide, it is fun and simple to use.

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For adults and garden lovers

The gardens on an MP3 player / audio guides
Create your own individual visit by selecting the interactive commentaries at specific points in the gardens: complete texts on the history are illustrated with photographs.
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