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Week-end des Pars et Jardins de Wallonie 2017 - 10 et 11 juin
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To assist managers to achieve or maintain high quality in the preservation and enhancement of the specific attributes of each park and garden;

To create a coherent network of all these tourist products.

To achieve these objectives, the organisation will have the following means:

  • Creation of a professional network of these outstanding parks and gardens capable of marketing and promoting such parks and gardens;
  • Improvement of the maintenance of outstanding parks and gardens (maintenance plan, improved technical and human resources);
  • Promotion of the parks and gardens in Wallonia as places of cultural heritage, local, national and international events, cultural activities, business events;
  • Representing and defending the interests of the sector in relation to public and private authorities;
  • Awareness-raising and training of service deliverers and their staff in respect of the quality of equipment, materials, techniques and services offered, the safety of users, the care and preservation of the environment and nature, in order to offer an excellent tourist product as part of sustainable tourism;
  • Awareness-raising in respect of welcoming and informing customers; studying and taking all the necessary initiatives regarding any subject concerning knowledge of the sites involved.
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